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Branch: Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
Region:  All regions of Ukraine
Companies found: 198
1. "Agroservis" Limited liability company  
  - Industrial and civil construction (new and renovation); - Construction of private housing; - Restoration of cultural heritage facilities; - Manufacture and installation of metal structures, metal-and-plastic constructions, carpentry and concrete articles, paving tiles, plastic pools and tanks; - Transport services; - Trading activity.
  Velyka Arnautska, 7a/4, ODESA,  UKRAINE
Phone: (380-48) 728-70-91, 777-43-49, 769-03-24
Fax: (380-48) 728-70-91
    president Mr. Femystokl MURADOV  
2. "Kharkov Himprom" Limited Liability Company  
  The production of containers made of plastics packagings made of polyethylene in not food products).
  ul. Promūshlennaia, 22 pos. Vasyschevo, Kharkivska obl., 62495 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-57) 749-06-66
Fax: (380-57) 749-06-66
    Director Aleksander TIMOFEEV 
3. "Marconi Ltd" Society with limited liability  
  Manufacture and installation of window systems and doors.
  45 Samoletnaya St.,  ODESA, 65078, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-482) 302073
Fax: (380-482) 302042
    director Mr. Marin Dukov 
4. «The Odessa factory of finishing materials» Private joint-stock company  
  Is the leader in Ukraine for the production and supply of advanced protection and rust protection coatings used during major overhauls (re-insulation), construction or reconstruction of gas and oil pipelines.
  Leningradske shosse, 5,  ODESA, 65031, UKRAINE
Phone: +38 048 778-11-14; +38 048 778-11-43; +38 048 738-69-29
    The general director Mr. Petro KOSUGA 
5. "Odessa Port Plant" Public stock company  
  Production of ammonia and urea in bulk, reception, storage and loading of these products into ships., 304,  Odessa region, UGNE, 65000, UKRAINE
Phone: 048-758-6009, 048-758-6058
    Director Mr. Valeriy GORBATKO 
6. «Chernomorenergospetsmontag» Limited Liability Company  
  All kinds of electrical installation works, construction of stations and substations to 750 kV. Transportationb of equipment ( masts, turbines, transformers, etc.).
  Ilfa and Petrova, str. 18 a, 65104, Odessa UKRAINE
Phone: 7461167
    general director Mr. Anatoliy Kiliminchuk 
7. Limited Liability Company "AL-PLASTIK"  
  Production of plastic containers (boxes) for storage of foodstuffs and things
  vul. Buhaivska, bud. 35, m.ODESA UKRAINE, 65005
Phone: +38 0674867622
Fax: +38 (048) 7380334
    director HAPUNICH Yurii Arkadiiovych 
8. Albert-Kyivhuma Ltd.  
  Manufacture of mechanical rubber products.
  6, 40-richia Zhovtnia av., KYIV, 03039, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-44) 5257661
Fax: (380-44) 5257661
    Director Mr.Andrii OSTROHRUD 
  Production of products from plastic
  25,Kashtanova St. OBUKHIV,08704 UKRAINE
Phone: 38(04572)51156
    Director Mr.MIKOLA LESHENKO 
10. Alfainterplast Ltd  
  Producing and realization of polymer containers for food retail industry.
  vul.Rivnenska,76A, LUTSK, Volyn region, 43020, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-332) 251581
Fax: (380-332) 253653
    Director Mr. Petro SKOPIUK 

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