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Branch: Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles; repair of personal and household goods  »  Other retail sale in non-specialized stores
Region:  All regions of Ukraine
Companies found: 69
1. "Artel Online" Limited Liability Company  
  Production of clothes.
  ul. Shevchenko, 97 KHARKIV, 61013, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-57) 728-91-12
    Director Mrs. Taysyia Bylenskaia 
2. "Precision Systems" Limited Liability Company  
  Development and supply of devices for the nuclear measuring, radiation and technological control.
  Chervonoshkilna nabereshna, 22 KHARKIV, 61166, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-57) 720-94-95
Fax: (380-57) 720-94-95
    Director Mr. Yaroslav Kravchenko 
3. "Vodan" Closed Joint-Stock —ompany  
  Production of bicycles.
  ul. Studentska, 5/2 KHARKIV, 61024, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-57) 712-88-17
Fax: (380-57) 712-88-17
    General director Mr. Vladymyr Hnytko  
4. Agricultural Firm Trade House Private Enterprise  
  Wholesale and retail trade of plant and seed protection means, chemical fertilizers, growth of agricultural crops.
  4, Halyts'ka str.,  STRYI, Lviv region, 82400, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-3245)52042, 57075
Fax: (380-3245)53080
    Director Mr. Vasyl H. VOLOS 
5. Alen Ltd  
  Retail trade of industrial goods, rendering of services express DHL
  1a, Manuilova st., KRYVYI RIH, Dnipropetrovsk region, 50071 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-56) 4044044
Fax: (380-56) 4044044
    Director Mr. Konstantin LAVREKA  
6. Azovobshchemash Trade House –rivate Joint-Stock Company  
  Kiev, Str.Pozharsky,4, room 63 02094  UKRAINE
Phone: (0629) 51-90-20, 51-90-34
Fax: (0629) 52-99-57
    General Director Mrs. Elena Naplekova  
7. Advertising agency Kozak  
  Cheliyskintsev 174 a,   Donetsk, 83000,  UKRAINE
Phone: +38 (062) 381-70-43, 381-70-01
Fax: +38 (062) 381-70-01
    Director Mr. Dmitrij Verhovsky 
8. Aleksandr P. Dontsov, Subject of business activity  
  Wholesale and retail trade in tires, automobile goods and spare parts.
  27, Leningradskaya St., 27,  Slavyansk, Donetsk region,  UKRAINE
Phone: +38 (06262) 2-95-05
Fax: +38 (0626) 62-49-72
    Director Aleksandr P. Dontsov 
9. Boleiko Borys Private Entrepreneur  
  Trading household goods
  5, Lukianenko str., off.72, ZHYTOMYR, 10009, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-412) 438802
    Director Mr. Borys BOLEIKO  
10. Bystrytsia-Keramik Ltd  
  Manufacture of ceramic insulator units and components.
  34, Zarichna str., DROHOBYCH, Lviv region, 82100, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-3244)35658
Fax: (380-3244)38817
    Director Mrs. Lubov A. BOYKO 

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