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Branch: Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles; repair of personal and household goods  »  Retail sale in non-specialized stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating
Region:  All regions of Ukraine
Companies found: 79
1. "Detal" Limited Liability Company  
  Production of machines and an equipment for agricultural and forest industries
  ul. Avtohennaia, 12A, kv. 3 KHARKIV, 61046, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-57) 717-46-96, 752-01-41
Fax: (380-57) 717-46-96, 752-01-41
    Director Mr. Borys Zolotov 
2. "Motor-Ahro" Limited Liability Company  
  Production of spare parts to agricultural machinery
  ul. Plehanovskaya, 16A KHARKIV, 61001 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-57) 717-46-96
Fax: (380-57) 717-46-96
    Director Mr. Aleksandr Lukianenko 
3. "-100" Limited Liability Company  
  Production of aggregates and inventory for beekeeping.
  ul. 23 Avhusta 6 A DERHACHI, 62303, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-5763) 3-03-21
Fax: (380-5763) 3-03-21
    Director Mr. Vladymyr Rudenko  
4. Agrotem Private Enterprise  
  Meat processing.
  3, Valova str.,  STRYI, Lviv region, 82400, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-3245)40414
Fax: (380-3245)40414
    Director Mr. Orest O. PANKIV 
5. Ahroproduktova kompaniya Ltd.  
  Growing of cereals and other crops. Agricultural service activities.
  5, Gagarina Str., of.337, KHMELNYTSKYI, 29000, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-382) 702014, 785387
Fax: (380-382) 702014
    Director Mr. Oleksandr NAVROTSKYI 
6. Albis Company Daughter Venture of Dianium Trading Co Limited  
  21, Shevchenko avenue, LVIV, 79005, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-32)2986028
Fax: (380-32)2614456
    Director Mrs. Lesia H. IONOVA 
7. Rivne Regional Alliance of consumer's associations  
  Fur animals growing up; fishes growing; agricultural plants buying, growing, selling; native market development; help to native enterprises in co-operation development; vegetables, fruits jams producing, selling, reselling.
  13, Chornovil St.,  RIVNE, 33028, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-362) 649551
Fax: (380-362) 61451
    Chairman of board Mr. Petro BARASH  
8. Avanta Trading House Ltd.  
  Manufacturing of soft drinks, spices, ketchups, mayonnaise, mustard, agricultural products processing.
  prov.Makarova,5, LUTSK  Volyn region, 43006, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-332) 789201
Fax: (380-332) 789200
    General director Mr. Andrii PETRUK 
9. Biruza Private Enterprise  
  Wholesale trade, export and import operations.
  44, Zelena str., LVIV, 79017, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-32)2767554, 2255877
Fax: (380-32)2769368
    Director Mr. Vitaliy M. PANCHYSHYN  
10. BRIZ Ltd.  
  The production of fishery products.
  11 fl., 11, Shkolnay str., Kytyzovka, Kharkivska obl., 62405 UKRAINE
Phone: (+38-057) 3921242
Fax: (+38-057) 3921242
    Director Mr. Vladimir TREMBACH 

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