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Branch: Manufacture of transport equipment  »  Manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft
Region:  All regions of Ukraine
Companies found: 22
1. Private scientific productive enterprise "Interaviaservis"  
  Sale of Aviazapchast, paper and chemical products. 8444 KHARKIV, 61072, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-57) 719-45-95
Fax: (380-57) 719-45-95
    Director Mr. Petr Yakovenko 
2. SE "Odessa Aviation Plant"  
  The State Enterprise «Odessa Aircraft Plant» is one of the oldest aircraft enterprises not only in Ukraine and CIS but also among the enterprises of European aircraft industry. SE «Odessa Aircraft Plant» is engaged in development and production of the following aircraft types: - Light multipurpose aircraft Y1 «Dolphin»; - Specialized aircraft «Farmer 300» for agricultural purposes. Today, thanks to the advanced infrastructure of production and advanced technology, the SE «OAP» provides the following services: -Repair of aircraft: MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27, L-39; -Repair of aircraft engines: R-11-300, R-13-300, R-25-300, R95SH, AI-25TL; - The upgrade of the engine AI-25TL into profile AI-25TLSH; - executes the upgrading of the aircraft types MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27, L-39; - executes cabin re-arrangement of different types of aviation; - performs high quality repair of all aircraft systems aggregates for aircraft type MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27, L-39 and Yak-52, as well as repair of free-standing aggregates
  p-tus Marshala Zhukova, 32a, ODESA, 65121, UKRAINE
Phone: + 38 (048) 765-71-53
Fax: +38 (048) 719-89-85
    General director Mr. Vitaliy JUKHACHEV 
3. Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant JSC  
  Manufacture of vacuum cleaners, mine equipment and equipment of the aviation industry.
  vul.Schepkina, 53,  DNIPRO, 49052 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-562) 360239, (380-56) 3702805
Fax: (380-56) 3702822
    Chairman of Board Mr. Valerii BOBKO  
4. State enterprise "Konotop plant "Aviakon", Ministry of Defense of Ukraine  
  Repair of civil airplanes, helicopters, their equipment and aviation engines.
  25, Riaboshapka str., KONOTOP, SUMY region, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-5447) 66100
Fax: (380-5447)66102
    Director Mr.Anatoly Butsan 
5. Lughansk Aircraft Repair Works State Enterprise  
  Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines. Manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft.
  Hostra mohyla, 180, LUHANSK, 91004, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-642) 428817, 345321
Fax: (380-642) 345321
    Director Mr.Oleksii MOSTOVYI  
6. Alpha, Ltd  
  Modernization and repair of aerotechics, aircraft production
  Shevchenko str., 27, ap.18, SEVASTOPOL, 99006, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-692) 427307
Fax: (380-692) 427307
    Director-chief designer Mr. Stanyslav TKACHIBORODA  
7. ANTONOV Company  
  Development, production, after-sale support of aircraft "Antonov". Aircraft upgrading. Antonov Airlines. Antonov airport. Production of land transit vehicles.
  1, Tupolev Str., KYIV, 03062, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-44) 4543149, 4430200
Fax: (380-44) 4008144, 4499996
    President-General designer Mr.Dmytro KIVA  
8. "Aviapro" Ltd  
  Manufacture of air and spacecraft, related equipment.
  vul.Robocha, 82A KHERSON, 73000 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-552) 380410
Fax: (380-552) 380420
    Director Mr.Oleksandr NEPRYNETS 
9. Sevastopol Aviation State Enterprise of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine  
  Repair of airplane, helicopter, aeronautical equipment, aircraft engine. Manufacture of aircraft. Manufacture of weapons and ammunition.
  2, L`otchykîv st., SEVASTOPOL, 99057, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-692) 425435, 246653, 425475
Fax: (380-692) 425475, 425435
    Director Mr.  
10. Kharkiv State Production Aviation Plant  
  Manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft.
  134, vul.Sumska, KHARKIV, 61023, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-57) 7003439, 7070800, 7070782
Fax: (380-57) 7070834
    General director Mr. Igor SYNCOV 

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