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Branch: Manufacture of transport equipment  »  Manufacture of railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock
Region:  All regions of Ukraine
Companies found: 36
1. "TATRA-YUH" Company limited liability  
  Tatra-YUG is the only CIS manufacturer of new generation tramcars with the all-metal welded car body construction. Design, manufacture, supply, adjustment, commissioning and maintenance of tramcars. Manufacture and supply of technical equipment for the depot Design and construction of the tram system on «turnkey» basis Training of service and maintenance personnel Training of drivers.
  Vodoprovidna, 9, ODESA, 65007, UKRAINE
Phone: +38 (0482) 34-41-84, 34-35-83
Fax: (380-482) 344184, 343583
    director Mr. Anatolii KERDIVARA  
2. Azovobshchemash Trade House Ğrivate Joint-Stock Company  
  Kiev, Str.Pozharsky,4, room 63 02094  UKRAINE
Phone: (0629) 51-90-20, 51-90-34
Fax: (0629) 52-99-57
    General Director Mrs. Elena Naplekova  
3. Haivoron Diesel-Locomotive Repair Works  
  Spare parts and repair of diesel locomotives.
  9,vul.Velykoho Kobzaria, HAIVORON, Kirovohrad region, 26300, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-5254) 21464, 21324; (380-68) 0637278
Fax: (380-5254) 21464
    General director Mr. Andrii BLYZNIUK 
4. Dneprovahonmash Public Joint-Stock Company  
  Designing and manufacturing of cargo industrial and main cars and spare parts to them.
  4, Ukrainskaya st., DNEPRODZERZHYNSK, Dnepropetrovsk region, 51925, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-5692) 33046, 33356
Fax: (380-5692) 32638
    Director General Mr. Oleh KORNETSKYI  
5. Dniprovagonrembud Public Joint-Stock Company  
  Construction and repair of carriages
  10, Universalna Str.,  DNIPROPETROVSK, 49024, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-56) 3764039, 7254758
Fax: (380-56) 3764039, 7254758
    General director Mr. Leonid TASLITSKYI 
6. Lugansk Electrical Machine-Building Plant LTD  
  Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction. Manufacture of railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock. Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c.. Manufacture of plastic products. Wholesale of other machinery for use in industry, trade and navigation. Other wholesale.
  vul.2 Krasnoznamennaya, 16, LUHANSK, 91029, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-642) 590635, 590631, 590632
Fax: (380-642) 590635, 590631,
    Director Mr. Yevheniia NETRUNENKO  
7. Dnipropetrovs'k Electromechanical Plant Ltd  
  Manufacture of electrotechnical products for railway, subway; Magnetic Powder Inspection; metalworking
  pr.Kalinina, 62, of.416, Leninskyi district, DNIPROPETROVS'K, 49064 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-56) 3757839
Fax: (380-56) 3757839
    Director Mr. Yevhen MUZYKIN  
8. Elektrovozostroenie Dnepropetrovsk Research-and-Production Complex State Enterprise  
  Manufacture of main electric locomotives; industrial and miner electric locomotives; electrogates.
  13, Orbitalnaya st., DNEPROPETROVSK, 49068, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-562) 360672
Fax: (380-56) 360672, 3783916
    General director Mr.Yevhen MARTSENIUK 
9. Zaporozhye Electromotive Repair Plant Private Joint-Stock Company  
  Repair of electromotives, gas counter fryers.
  vul.Zaliznychna, 2,  ZAPORIZHZHYA, 69600 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-612) 692000
Fax: (380-612) 609448
    Chairman of Board Mr. Mykola HOROBETS  
10. Industrial Servis Ltd  
  Overhaul of industrial units: diesel-locomotive shunters; quarry trucks BELAZ; diesel power plants; marine and diesel plants. Support by machine-tool depot, specialized testing units and technical documentation.
  p.Kremino, 8 A, ZAPORIZHZHIA, 69038 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-612)954025
Fax: (380-612)954025
    Director Ms. Olena KAMIENIEVA 

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