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Branch: Manufacture of transport equipment  »  Building and repairing of ships and boats
Region:  All regions of Ukraine
Companies found: 39
1. "Brig" Ltd  
  Production of rubber boats.
  ul. Shevchenko, 317 KHARKIV, 61033, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-57) 763-01-25
Fax: (380-57) 763-01-26
    Director Mr. Viacheslav Rodyonov  
2. "Marko LTD" Limited Liability Company  
  1. Provision of fire safety at enterprises. Maintenance of the primary fire-extinguishing means with the aid of mobile service stations. This service is accessible across all territory of Ukraine, in any settlement and immediately at the customer’s facility. 2. Manufacturing and completing specialized equipment for sea and fire-fighting applications. 3. Organization of certification, repair and maintenance of the shipboard salvage, emergency and fire-fighting equipment based on MARKO LTD. Service stations in compliance with the standards of the international maritime community. 4. Ship repair. Supervision of the projects connected with building, completing and retrofitting of ships at shipbuilding and shiprepairing yards.
  vul. Protsenko, 23/58, a/s 74, ODESA, 65014 UKRAINE
Phone: +38 (048) 7333339; +38 (048) 7051973; 0675568362
Fax: +38 (048) 7333339; +38 (048) 7051973;
    Director Mr. Volodymyr KOVAL 
3. Limited Liability Company "SMART-MARITIME GROUP"  
  Construction of ships and floating structures; Repair and maintenance of ships and boats; Additional service of water transport; Mechanical processing of metal products.
  Karantynnyi ostriv, 1, Kherson, UKRAINE
Phone: +38 0552 41 39 28
Fax: +38 0552 41 39 28
    General director Mr. Vasyl FEDIN 
4. "Akvator-Stroy" Ltd  
  Construction. Building of complete constructions or parts thereof; civil engineering. General construction of buildings and civil engineering works. Building and repairing of ships.
  16A, Grazhdanskaia str.,  MYKOLAIV, 54001, UKRAINE 
    Director Oleh BOHORODYTSKYI  
5. Argona Ltd  
  Building and repairing of ships.
  Korolenko st., 16/2, SEVASTOPOL, 99007, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-692) 449953, 453589
Fax: (380-692) 450671
    Director Mr. Petr BASUNKO  
6. Asket Shyppinh Ltd  
  Forwarding operations.
  vul.Horkoho, 2, apt.38, BERDIANSK, Zaporizhzhya region, 71111 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-50) 9887298
Fax: (380-6153) 62794
    Director Mrs.Viktoriia ABREIEVA  
7. Chernomorets Central Disign Bureau  
  Research and experimental development on ships and boats design; repairing, utilization of ships and boats.
  1, B.Morskaya st.,  SEVASTOPOL, 99011, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-692) 548907, 542194
Fax: (380-692) 548907, 542194
8. DMT Production Ltd  
  Marine åquipment DMT in Ukraine
  11, Buhskyi blvd,  MYKOLAIV, 54029, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-512)447203
Fax: (380-512)447203
    Director Mr. Oleg KOZYRKO 
9. ERA Joint-Stock Company  
  15, Nakhimova Str., SEVASTOPOL, 99011, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-692) 441085
Fax: (380-692) 441085
10. "Esta" Ltd  
  Yacht - building. Building and repairing of pleasure and sporting boats. Manufacture of other transport equipment n.e.c.. Other manufacturing n.e.c..
  P.O.Box 129, MYKOLAIV, 54007, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-512)562040, 561950
Fax: (380-512)580862, 561950
    Director Mr. Oleg ASTAKHOV  

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