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Branch: Manufacture of wood and wood products  »  Manufacture of wooden containers
Region:  All regions of Ukraine
Companies found: 17
1. Private Entrepreneur SLOBODIANIUK Oleg  
  Sawing and planing, production of wooden construction
  2/14 Vyshnevetskoho Str. TERNOPIL, UKRAINE
Phone: (380) 68 626 00 88
    Director Mr. Oleg SLOBODIANIUK 
2. "Marko LTD" Limited Liability Company  
  1. Provision of fire safety at enterprises. Maintenance of the primary fire-extinguishing means with the aid of mobile service stations. This service is accessible across all territory of Ukraine, in any settlement and immediately at the customer’s facility. 2. Manufacturing and completing specialized equipment for sea and fire-fighting applications. 3. Organization of certification, repair and maintenance of the shipboard salvage, emergency and fire-fighting equipment based on MARKO LTD. Service stations in compliance with the standards of the international maritime community. 4. Ship repair. Supervision of the projects connected with building, completing and retrofitting of ships at shipbuilding and shiprepairing yards.
  vul. Protsenko, 23/58, a/s 74, ODESA, 65014 UKRAINE
Phone: +38 (048) 7333339; +38 (048) 7051973; 0675568362
Fax: +38 (048) 7333339; +38 (048) 7051973;
    Director Mr. Volodymyr KOVAL 
3. SE "Odessa Aviation Plant"  
  The State Enterprise «Odessa Aircraft Plant» is one of the oldest aircraft enterprises not only in Ukraine and CIS but also among the enterprises of European aircraft industry. SE «Odessa Aircraft Plant» is engaged in development and production of the following aircraft types: - Light multipurpose aircraft Y1 «Dolphin»; - Specialized aircraft «Farmer 300» for agricultural purposes. Today, thanks to the advanced infrastructure of production and advanced technology, the SE «OAP» provides the following services: -Repair of aircraft: MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27, L-39; -Repair of aircraft engines: R-11-300, R-13-300, R-25-300, R95SH, AI-25TL; - The upgrade of the engine AI-25TL into profile AI-25TLSH; - executes the upgrading of the aircraft types MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27, L-39; - executes cabin re-arrangement of different types of aviation; - performs high quality repair of all aircraft systems aggregates for aircraft type MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27, L-39 and Yak-52, as well as repair of free-standing aggregates
  p-tus Marshala Zhukova, 32a, ODESA, 65121, UKRAINE
Phone: + 38 (048) 765-71-53
Fax: +38 (048) 719-89-85
    General director Mr. Vitaliy JUKHACHEV 
4. ALLPALETTY UKRAINE Limited Liability Company  
  Manufacture of wooden containers
  1 Pidstavska str., v. ZAVODSKE Busk district, Lviv region, 80522 UKRAINE
Phone: (38-067)2558563
    Director Mr. Yuriy R. VOLIAN 
5. Poltava Box Factory  
  Production of wooden package.
  45, vul.Marshala Biryuzova, POLTAVA, 36007 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-532) 666626, 666736
Fax: (380-532) 667805
    Director Mr. Grygoriy Galagan 
6. Cascade-Production Ltd  
  Manufacturing of dairy products, joinery, wholesale of technical casein, transport and forwarding services.
  vul.Ershova,3, LUTSK, Volyn region,43023, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-332) 777001,777011
Fax: (380-332) 777039
    General director Mr. Ihor ALEXANDROV 
7. Euro Industry and Construction Private Enterprise  
  Woodworking, wholesale trade of wood products.
  55, I.Franko Str., ap.79, KHMELNYTSKYI, 29000, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-382) 765037
Fax: (380-382) 765037
    Director Mrs. Iryna KHMELNYTSKA 
    Deputy director Mr. Hennadiy VESELOVSKYI  
8. Express-service LTD  
  Timber, wooden packaging yannoyi. Ñargo transportation.
  1, 2nd Artema Lane, ARTEMIVSK, Donetsk region, 84500, UKRAINE
Phone: (+38-06274) 21770
Fax: (+38-06274) 21851
    Director Mr. Serhiy A. MERKULOV 
9. Panchenko Yuliya Mikhovaiivna  
  Selling of the wooden pallet, containers.
  vul. Cherepina, 36/131 m. Sumy UKRAINE
Phone: 099-43-41-042
    Panchenko Yuliya 
10. Farm «Veles- Azov»  
  Growing of vegetables and melons crops, roots and tubers
  vul. Khudoliia, 3-3, s. Illichivske Pershotravnevyi r-n, 87440, Donetska oblast UKRAINE
Phone: 380509543226; 0509348651
    Chairman of the board Rudenko Viktor Mykolaiovych 

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