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Branch: Mining and quarrying  »  Quarrying of sand and clay
Region:  All regions of Ukraine
Companies found: 42
1. "Stark" Limited Liability Company  
  Extraction and sale of quartz sand.
  per. O. Yarosha, 16 b KHARKIV, 61045, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-57) 340-12-28
Fax: (380-5751) 5-31-21
    General director Mr. Vyacheslav Isichenko 
2. «RPE «Donbassnerudprom» LLC  
  Production and realization of kaolin
  2b-306, Artyoma str. Donetsk, 83086 UKRAINE
Phone: 0623881055; 0623881056
Fax: 0623881055; 0623881056
    Main director Markov Nikolay 
3. AKV Ukrainske kaolinove tovarystvo LTD  
  Manufacture of kaolin.
  1 Zavodska str, HLUKHIVTSI, Koziatyn district, Vinnytsia region, 22130, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-4342) 31426, 31421, 31428
Fax: (380-4342) 31426
    Director General Mr. Andrii HORDIIENKO  
    Head of Distribution Department Mrs. Nataliia HREBENCHUK 
4. Altñom Financial and Industrial Group Ltd  
  85, Artema Str., DONETSK, 83000,  UKRAINE
Phone: (+38-062) 3453510, 3372433
Fax: (+38-062) 3453510
    General director Mr. Oleksandr V. TYSLENKO 
5. ARM-Service Ltd.  
  The activities of road freight transport, mining of limestone, gypsum and chalk, clay and kaolin mining, production of gypsum for construction, building construction, retail trade.
  37 a, Donetskaya str., SEVERODONETSK, Luhansk region, 93400, UKRAINE
Phone: (+38-06452) 34105
Fax: (+38-06452) 36158
    Director Mr. Valeriy KRASNYI 
6. Ovruch Crushed Stone Plant State Enterprise  
  Quarrying of stone for construction. Quarrying of limestone, gypsum and chalk. Operation of gravel and sand pits.
  1, Karierna str., BONDARI, Ovruch district, Zhytomyr region, 11152, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-4148) 63045, 63019
Fax: (380-4148) 63019
    Director Mr. Mykhailo IHNATKOV 
7. Donbas Clays, Private Joint Stock Company  
  Mining and delivery of high-quality clays.
  5, Svobody Str., SLAVYANSK, Donetsk region, 84100, UKRAINE
Phone: (+38-0626) 668800
Fax: (+38-0626) 668806
    Chairman of board Mr. Victor V. LEVIT 
8. Donbassgeologorazvedka Ukrainian Geological Company Ltd.  
  Services in the field of geology and exploration facilities, subsoil use and taxation on the use of mineral resources, development projects to implement exploration and mining allotment, designing of sanitary protection zones intakes. Engineering survey for construction. Surveying and mapping services.
  78, Petrovskogo Str., P.O.Box 68, ARTEMIVSK, Donetsk region, 84500, UKRAINE
Phone: (+38-06274) 22794
Fax: (+38-06274) 22794
    Director Mr. Oleksandr MAYATSKYI  
9. Dongeo Central Geological Survey, LLC  
  Activities in the field of geology and exploration
  5A office Bagrationa str. Donetsk 83047 UKRAINE
Phone: 050-208-53-19
    Director Vasiliy Protz 
    Deputy chief Alexandr Mayazkiy 
10. "GeoResurs" Ltd  
  Dry mixes processing factory
  47Á, vul.M.Biryuzova, POLTAVA, 36000 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-532) 611593, 611594
Fax: (380-532) 509295
    Director Mrs. Lidiya SHARAPOVA 

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