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Branch: Mining and quarrying  »  Service activities incidental to oil and gas extraction excluding surveying
Region:  All regions of Ukraine
Companies found: 10
1. Limited Liability Company "Torhindustriya"  
  Supply of drilling equipment.
  36000, m. Poltava prov. Shevchenka, 20 UKRAINE
Phone: (80532) 50-99-12
Fax: (80532) 50-99-13
    director Mr. Anatoliy Kobzar 
2. Drilling Company "Bukros" Public Joint-Stock Company  
  Oil and gas well-boring. Oilfield facilities.
  88, vul. Polovka, POLTAVA, 36034 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-532(2) 661736, 664659, 677265
Fax: (380-5322) 677265
    Chairman of the Board Mr. Vali Maroof 
3. State scientific and technical enterprise "Burova technika"  
  Providing with scientific and technical services and services when construction and basic repair of deep, directional wells and wells with horizontal and branched legs. Development of design and calculating documentation for construction of oil and gas wells, materials and equipment delivery.
  12, ZavodskaˇÓ, POLTAVA, 36007 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-532) 678470
Fax: (380-5322) 519146
    Director Mr. Ihor Protsyk 
4. "Enerkom", Ltd.  
  Gas and oil production, fuel trade.
  4, prov. Pionerskyy POLTAVA, 36000 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-5322) 28853, 569607
Fax: (380-532) 509953
    Director Mr. Valeriy ZHYDENKO 
  Kudriavskyi des., 5-b  KYIV, 04053 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-44)4178480
Fax: (380-44)272-18-51
    Chairman of Board Mr. Anatolii LEVANDOVSKYI  
6. Limited Liability Company "Plast"  
  Extraction of natural gas, gas condensate, well servicing
  vul. Komarova, 11, POLTAVA 36008 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-532) 610300, 610311
Fax: (380-532) 590478
    Head of the Board Mr. Mihail Ribchich 
7. Branch Establishment of National Stock Company "Nadra Ukrayiny "Poltavnaphtogazgeologiya"  
  Search for oil, gas and water, bischofite processing.
  7, vul.Marshala Biryuzova, POLTAVA, 36014, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-5322) 74591, 501352, 97835, 501036, 74898
Fax: (380-5322) 501007
    General Director Mr. S▓KALOV Henadii  
8. Open Joint Stock Company "Poltavagaz"  
  Distribution and supply of natural gas, natural gas (methane) of coal deposits
  36000, m. Poltava vul. Volodymyra Kozaka, 2a,  UKRAINE
Phone: (380-532) 7-30-75
Fax: (380-532)500973
    director Mr. Rostislav HRYNCHAK 
9. Limited Liability Company "Quark"  
  37600 Poltavska obl. m. Myrhorod vul. Sorochenska, 31 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-5355) 52371
    CEO Mr. Vasiliy Loban 
10. Tovarystvo z obmezhenoiu vidpovidalnistiu "Enerho systemy"  
  Non-specialized wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco. Non-specialized wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco. Service activities incidental to oil and gas extraction excluding surveying.
  vul.Slyvova,48 m.Khust Zakarpatskoi oblasti UKRAINE
Phone: +38 03142 55305
    director Baburnych Ivan Vasyl'ovych 

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