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Branch: Mining and quarrying  »  Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas
Region:  All regions of Ukraine
Companies found: 10
1. Chernomorneftegas State Joint-Stock Company  
  Extraction of crude petroleum. Extraction of natural gas. Transport via pipelines. Test drilling and boring.
  52/1, Kirova av., SIMFEROPOL, Crimea, 95000, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-652) 523400, 523458
Fax: (380-652) 511151
    General director Mr. Valeriy YASIUK 
2. Donetskgeologiya, State regional geological enterprise  
  Ensuring of region contractual requirements in the mineral raw materials of national and local importance; organizing and execution of systematic geological, geophysical, hydrogeological, geological engineering and environmental study of the region to ensure information of structure, state and changes of the natural geological environment to the continued state and local government, including the prevention of dangerous geological phenomena, and to meet the needs of the economy in the mineral raw materials and services related to the study and use of mineral resources; definition and provision of exploration prospects in the region to meet the needs of mining and ore-processing plants in minerals; promoting investment in the development of exploration, development and industrial exploitation of mineral deposits.
  17, Sibirtseva Str., ARTEMIVSK, Donetsk region, 84500, UKRAINE
Phone: (+38-06274) 448547, 448905
Fax: (+38-06274) 20963
    General director Mr. Mykola V. ZHYKALYAK 
3. "Enerkom", Ltd.  
  Gas and oil production, fuel trade.
  4, prov. Pionerskyy POLTAVA, 36000 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-5322) 28853, 569607
Fax: (380-532) 509953
    Director Mr. Valeriy ZHYDENKO 
4. Kub-Gas Ltd  
  Extraction of natural gas.
  vul.K.Marksa, 8, LUHANSK, 91055, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-642) 343191, 581459
Fax: (380-642) 581166, 343191
    General dire˝tor Mr. Serhii PANCHUK  
5. Nadra Luhanschyny LTD  
  Extraction of natural gas. Mining of hard coal. Quarrying of stone for construction. Quarrying of limestone, gypsum and chalk. Operation of gravel and sand pits. Mining of clays and kaolin.
  vul.Kyrova, 49, LUHANSK, 91019, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-642) 345559, 341589
Fax: (380-642) 345559, 341589
    General director Mr.Oleksandr ANDRIEVSKYI 
6. Oil-and-gas production department "Poltavanaftogaz" of Public Joint Stock Company "Ukrnafta"  
  Oil, gas and condensate production
  vul. Monastyrska, 12, POLTAVA 36020 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-532(2) 74591, 74898, 501016
Fax: (380-532(2) 501007
    Head of the Board Mr. Serhiy NASLEDNIKOV 
7. Limited Liability Company "Oilgasgroup "Demetra"  
  Supply of natural gas.
  01001, c.Kyiv a/s V-254 UKRAINE
Phone: 581-81-65
Fax: 258-12-10
    Director Kupriienko Yaroslav  
8. Limited Liability Company "Plast"  
  Extraction of natural gas, gas condensate, well servicing
  vul. Komarova, 11, POLTAVA 36008 UKRAINE
Phone: (380-532) 610300, 610311
Fax: (380-532) 590478
    Head of the Board Mr. Mihail Ribchich 
9. Sodruzhestvo Ltd  
  Dark fractions of petroleum refining, petroleum products, wholesale trade, agricultural products, production of flour, grain mill products.
  29, Pavlivska str., KYIV, 01135, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-44) 4840275
Fax: (380-44) 4867290
    General director Mr.Vi˝tor POPOV  
10. Ukrnaftogazinvest Ltd  
  ┼xtraction of natural gas, activities in the field of geology and exploration, extraction of oil, distribution and supply of gas.
  8, Mickiewicz Sq.,  LVIV, 79000, UKRAINE
Phone: (380-32)2444227
Fax: (380-32)2425301
    Director General Mr. Zinoviy Ya. KOZYTSKYI  

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